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Agenda and minutes of the VTC (2005/11/07)
  • Participants
    • Yoshio Tanaka (AIST)
    • David Bannon (APAC)
    • Kai Nan, Morrise Xu (CNIC)
    • Sangwan Kim (KISTI)
    • Masataka Kanamori (NAREGI)
    • Mason Katz (UCSD)
  • Brief status reports of each CA
    • AIST: No updates
    • CNIC: Have sent the new CPS (version 1.2). English web site will be available one week before the audit.
    • KISTI: No updates
  • In-depth status report: APAC GRID CA
    • Comments and questions
      • Distributed identification should not be a problem since the RAO has a face-to-face meeting for the identification.
      • How many CA operators? 2
      • It is hard to check how a user protect his private key. In case of AIST, we give some notes for subscribers in the face-to-face meeting. The notes includes to use a pass phrase more than 12 characters, etc.
      • operations about repository should be described in repository obligation section.
  • Decisions
    • Membership applications
      • NGO (Singapore)
      • KEK (Japan)
      • NECTEC (Thailand)
      • UCSD (US)
      NGO, KEK, NECTEC, UCSD have been approved as members of the APGrid PMA.
    • Accreditation NAREGI CPS is well written and no questions and objections in the examination.
      NAREGI CA has been approved as production level CA.
    • Approval for the updated authentication profile for classic CAs.
      • comments and questions
        • We need to check the whether the current minimum CA requirements are compliance with the new profile.
        • Yoshio will review the current minimum CA requirements and discuss to revise them according to the new profile. This should be an agenda for the face-to-face meeting.
      • APGrid PMA has been approved the new profile
  • Discussions
    • Creation of the CA RPM
      • EUGrid PMA distributes CA RPM which includes APGrid CAs (AIST and KISTI. ASCC and IHEP had been already included). How should we distribute CA RPM?
        • distribute our own signed version
        • Mason and Yoshio will be persons who know a pass phrase for PGP private key.
        • PGP public will be distributed from the APGrid PMA web site.
    • Agenda of the face-to-face meeting
      • Yoshio will add concrete item for the discussion.
    • Other topics
      • CNIC would like to know the number of participants and details of the meeting schedule.
      • CNIC would like to know who will attend both face-to-face meeting and HPCAsia conference.
      • Yoshio will make head counting asap.